Eileen Stockwell

Eileen Stockwell. Local artist. Trained at Newcastle. Taught in Middlesbrough

and Syracuse, New York. During a long teaching career, I’ve provided illustrations

for children’s books, language and academic text books. I’ve designed programmes,

made posters and displays and I’ve won a few prizes, and exhibited work in local

galleries. Nowadays, I paint for pleasure and personal satisfaction, although

commissions provide new challenges:- The family dog; holiday homes; classic cars;

Icelandic geyser; the Golden Gate bridge; religious icons; churches and wedding

venues; local scenes for ex-patriates - to name but a few. I love working

with bright colours. My style has evolved from purely representational to hard

edged shapes and colour. ‘Your pictures cheer me up!’ someone said to me recently.

That suits me!

Eileen Stockwell

Eileen Stockwell

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